The Fourth IGCP 649 Diamonds and Rec
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The Fourth IGCP 649 Diamonds and Recycled Mantle Workshop and Field trip

The Fourth IGCP-649 Diamonds and Recycled Mantle Workshop and field trip will take place on July, 4-14, 2018 in Australia and New Caledonia, to investigate the ophiolite, chromitite, and related plate tectonic and mantle dynamic processes of both Eastern Australia and New Caledonia. This workshop is sponsored by the IGCP-649 project “Diamonds and Recycled Mantle” led by Prof. Jingsui Yang (CARMA, Institute of Geology of CAGS, China) and Prof. Jonathan Aitchison (School of Earth and Environment Sciences, The University of Queensland, Australia).

The workshop will consist a two day conference hosted at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences in The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus, Brisbane and a seven day post-conference field trip to investigate the ophiolite and chromite in New Caledonia. This field trip will visit the world class ophiolites (both of early Permian and Eocene ages) and associated chromite deposits that are present in New Caledonia, as well as high P/T metamorphic rocks (blueschists and eclogites) in the NE of the island. New Caledonia is one of the best examples anywhere of an arc-continent collision system and should be visited by any geologists studying ophiolites or collisions.

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