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Thumb up for the

Thumb up for the IGCP-649 project

Just did not realize that I have been back to Hong Kong for almost two weeks. The happy moments and beautiful sceneries in Australia and New Caledonia still appear in my mind at times. They are so unforgettable that I cannot help trying to write down some lines for sharing with my friends, especially for those young guys having not become a member of the IGCP-649 family.

Firstly, I would like to give my gratitude to the IGCP-649 conference committee, especially Prof. Jing-Sui Yang and Dr. Ren-Jie Zhou, for their great help and support, so that I could finally attend the conference in the UQ and join the field excursion in New Caledonia. I also appreciate the detailed dramatic illustration and interpretation by Prof. Dominique and Prof. Aitchison all through the trip. With their great efforts, we were able to return to the old geological periods and observe the processes of breakup on the East Gondwana margin, overthrust of the ophiolite, and exhumation of the UHP terranes. Moreover, many thanks to all the lovely teachers and friends from all over the world, especially those brothers and sisters from Beijing and Nanjing, thank you very much for your companies, helps and discussions. Also, many thanks to the volunteers in the UQ and friends from New Caledonian travel agency, thank you very much for your guiding, driving and arranging accommodation for us. I had a really good time in the conference and on the beautiful island.

Always keep humble when being juniors, but never hesitate to be extrovert when being researchers. As young geologists, it is equally important for us to challenge and to learn. A minor breakthrough deserves more applause than thousands of copies. The IGCP-649 project has worked exactly as an awesome platform for us young heads not only to learn but also to challenge. In the IGCP-649 group, we can touch the deepest part of everyone’ thought. We are able to witness the clash of disparate viewpoints from big names. Of course, we also have sufficient chances to present the fresh ideas of our own and freely defend ourselves with convincing evidence. Those are truly my personal experiences. Being a pretty quiet guy in daily life, I was greatly inspired by the fierce but logical discussions in the conference, and felt like a tough warrior when giving oral presentation. Believe me, my dear little companions. No need to be nervous. No need to be shy. No need to be afraid. The IGCP-649 group is surely an excellent organization where we young guys show our talent and creative models.

Apart from academic activities, the IGCP-649 group looks as if a miniature of the UN, facilitating information exchange across the world. As the reddish sun slowly vanished into the sea faraway in New Caledonia, evenings arrived and supers began. The dining halls became more and more lively. Immersed in the soothing music, people with contrasting appearances enjoyed meals together and chatted happily, covering the topics of food, history, culture, politics, economy and etc. Despite diverse accents, the barriers among us seemed to be totally eliminated with the help of wines and dishes. The more we communicated, the better we understood each other. How memorable those moments are! As a history amateur, I wondered once what could have happened if two men from different ideological backgrounds encountered during the period of cold war, and how they would judge each other with stereotypes. Luckily, with the increasing globalization, we do not need to be frustrated by such problems anymore. To create a more unified and harmonious human society, my dear little companions, let’s (especially us young Chinese) embrace the world passionately via bridges like the IGCP-649 project, and never isolated ourselves ignorantly from the outside.

As Chairman Mao said on Nov. 17, 1957, “The world is yours, as well as ours, but in the last analysis, it is yours. You young people, full of vigor and vitality, are in the bloom of life, like the sun at eight or nine in the morning. Our hope is placed on you.” So are our parents, our supervisors and all predecessors. They place great hope on us young generation, and establish broad platforms, like the IGCP-649, for us to steadily grow up and become more and more mature. We young guys must cherish these opportunities and struggle together for much brighter future.

Zhang Peng-Fei

Department of Earth Sciences, The University of Hong Kong