12th International conference on PGE

12th International conference on PGE deposits, Russia


In August 2014, the 12th International Platinum Group Deposits conference held in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Prof. Jingsui Yang, Fahui Xiong and Fei Liu from CARMA attended conference and field trip of Ray-Iz ophiolite in Polar Ural. The in-situ diamond in chromitites of Ray-Iz ophiolite has been reported in the paper “Diamond in Ophiolite” in Elements (Yang et al., 2014), which was quoted in the field guide book and highly interested by scientists in the conference. We appreciated it very much that the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences organized the Polar Ural trip and shipped about 2 tons samples to us after the field work.

Chromitite from Ray-Iz ophiolite and hydrothermal alteration of peridotite

Tanks from World War II is still being used to carry out field studies in the Polar Ural region, north Russia, photo shows 2014 field excursion to the Ray-Iz ophiolite and associated chromite deposit; Prof. Yang was sitting on the right.