What is CARMA?







CARMA introduction

What is CARMA?


CARMA (Center for Advanced Research on the MantleIts Mineralogy, Petrology & Structure) is an international research group affiliated with the State Key Laboratory of Continental Tectonics and Dynamics (SKLCTD) in CAGS, Beijing. Its research activities focus on the petrology, geochemistry and tectonics of ophiolite and associated mineral resources worldwide. The CARMA group consists of both Chinese and international professors and their research teams. Such cooperation at global level is essential for carrying out comprehensive, field-based quantitative studies on the mineralogy, geochemistry, geochronology and isotopic characteristics of mantle peridotites and podiform chromitites from representative ophiolites of diverse age, geographic location and tectonic setting. The main purpose of this work is to better understand the origin and evolution of oceanic mantle through the study of UHP minerals (especially diamonds) and other related minerals in ophiolites. Some specific aims include the nature of mantle heterogeneity, mantle composition and dynamics, and the formation mechanisms of podiform chromitites. We expect that these studies will provide a better understanding of chromite formation that they will provide exploration guidelines to assist in locating new chromitite deposits in China and elsewhere in the world.